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COVID-19 Update

Your physical and mental health are of utmost importance to us.

Until further notice, all visits will be conducted via our HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine system. 

We look forward to the time when we will again be able to welcome you to a safe, comfortable office for in person visits.

about me

Sekou Jones, MSN, PMHNP-BC

I have lived in various parts of the country, but my family and I have called Colorado home since 2010. I have been in clinical practice for more than 20 years. I am double Board Certified in Psychiatry and Family Practice. I completed my first Master’s Degree in 2000 at Yale University, graduating with Honors. I completed a second graduate degree from the University of Arizona in 2015.

I am passionate about my work as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner because I’ve always been drawn to learning about people and the things that are most meaningful in their lives. I am so thankful for the opportunity to spend my days focused on people.

I pride myself on being compassionate and attentive. At the core of my clinical approach is the effort to build strong partnerships with my clients to understand and address each person’s unique needs.

“Together, we select and discuss the best individualized treatment options based on the specific benefits and priorities for all aspects of your life.”

Another core element of my clinical practice is to approach each client’s concerns and symptoms from a broad, holistic view. It’s important to me to consider past medical conditions, current life stressors, important relationships and a wide range of treatment modalities (with or without medication) in order to promote long-term mental and physical wellbeing. When appropriate, I use medications carefully with specific objectives at the lowest dose and for the shortest time needed. I view medication as a valuable tool, but not one that excludes other vital elements of the treatment plan.


Apart from the joy and fulfillment I find in my work with clients, I enjoy photography. Since coming to Colorado, I have really appreciated the many days of sunshine and the opportunity to be outdoors for road biking, jogging and swimming. I love spending family time with my wife and teenage twins- talking, watching movies and enjoying great food.


Do you specialize in certain types of patients?

I attend to adolescents and adults with a wide range of mental health needs. I have training and experience in many areas. Most frequently, I see clients with concerns related to mood (depression/ anxiety), school or work difficulties, relationship issues and life transitions. I assess and treat adolescents and adults with ADD/ADHD symptoms.

What ages of clients do you see?

Generally, I see clients 12 yrs. and older.

Our Specialties

I have expertise in assessing and diagnosing a wide range of conditions. My primary focus is on addressing the specific symptoms and circumstances that are affecting each person. It’s important to me to treat the person rather than just a “diagnosis.”

Depressive symptoms

Depressive symptoms may include: problems with sleep, changes in appetite, low mood, sadness, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, low self-esteem, excessive guilt, and irritability or moodiness.

Anxiety / persistent worry

“Anxiety” comes in many forms and can vary in intensity from mild to severe. Undoubtedly, it can affect all aspects of daily life. It can include feelings of uneasiness, fear, excessive worry, becoming fixated on specific thoughts, and can cause a wide range of physical symptoms such as headache, stomach upset, nausea or low appetite, chest tightness, etc. Anxiety is a common part of many different conditions such as panic disorder, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety disorder (social phobia).

Mood swings / Irritability

Rapid changes in mood such as being irritable (easily frustrated or annoyed) and/or agitated. Agitation may manifest as feelings of restlessness, frustration and intense emotional and physical energy that leads to yelling, stomping, or breaking things. Rapid changes in mood may manifest differently, causing sudden tearfulness or sadness, overwhelm, fear or panic. Moderate variations in mood are generally healthy. But, changes that are rapid, frequent and/or extreme merit careful attention as signs of an underlying mental or physical condition that requires treatment.

Concentration / mental focus problems

Problems with memory, attentiveness, clarity of thought and distractibility can come from many different sources. Most often, there are a combination of factors. Anxiety, fatigue, physical health and/or depressive symptoms are common factors. ADD/ADHD, when present, is a powerful contributor and is very often accompanied by some of these other factors. Accurately identifying and addressing all the underlying factors leads to tremendous improvement.

Difficulties with managing tasks and priorities

Difficulties with planning, tracking and completing tasks can be especially disruptive to interpersonal relationships, along with school and job performance. Related struggles often include struggles with time management and frustrations with meeting the expectations of yourself or others. Anxiety, inadequate sleep, depression and a rang of medical conditions can be causes and/or effects associated with these problems. ADD/ADHD, especially if previously unidentified, can be a major factor and can be particularly distressing for adults.

Relationship issues / conflicts

Mental health conditions almost always impact interpersonal relationships. They may be a cause, an effect or both. Treating mental and emotional conditions improves relationships, and vice versa. Addressing relationship distress can significantly improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. Improving and resolving relationship problems involves identifying the contributing factors and interpersonal dynamics, then developing appropriate strategies and skills.

School or work stress

Our primary “occupation” at various points in life involves school and/or a job. Pressure to meet the expectations of ourselves and others, concerns about what others think of us, worries about future success, etc. can take a tremendous toll on our mental and physical wellness. Signs may include: sleep problems, fatigue, irritability, poor focus, apathy and loss of motivation, body tension, stomach problems, changes in substance use (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, etc), or feelings embarrassment and shame. Addressing the symptoms and underlying causes, along with building skills and strategies can yield tremendous improvement.

Life transitions

Change is tough, and our mental and physical health can be greatly affected by transitions like: moving, starting a new school or job, getting into or out of a relationship, changes in physical health, or even changes in the lives of others we care about. Results may include sleep problems, fatigue, disproportionate or escalating anxiety, irritability, sadness or even feeling numb. Addressing these symptoms, increasing our understanding of ourselves, and developing appropriate coping strategies can help us succeed and grow in the midst of these life changes.

A New Experience

More Satisfying & More Effective – I focus on providing you a more satisfying and effective visit that leads to better overall health and wellbeing. We are dedicated to the optimal delivery of care for all aspects of your experiences, concerns and questions. At Calm Clarity Mental Health, physical, emotional and behavioral healthcare treated as indivisible.

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